About This Blog - An FAQ

What is the purpose of this blog?

Heck if I know! Well, the reason I wanted to write this blog is because I have various observations throughout my day, and I wanted a place to humorously write about them. This blog is also an evolution of my previous blog, Zippy's Garden. However, I wanted to put advertising on my blog (aka "monetize" -- ka-ching!) and Wordpress doesn't take very kindly to that sort of thing on their Wordpress.com blogs, and, well, I didn't want to get my site pulled down because of it. I didn't go with the more intensive Wordpress.org - I gave up my geeky ways a long time ago, and I don't feel like tweeking things (code, security, etc.), so here I am at Blogger. We'll see how it goes.

What will you write about on this blog?

I told ya, I wanted a place to write humorously about the crap that goes on in my life! OK, well, more specifically, you will probably find some of the same riffs that I wrote about on Zippy's Garden. I started out writing Zippy's Garden as a means of recording my experiment in organic gardening (and self-sustainability, which still interests me but hasn't quite taken shape yet as an eperience), which continues, albeit in a somewhat abbreviated form these days. Gardening still fascinates me, even in the unforgivable Texas climes of long summers (starting in the late spring and continuing through mid fall) of extreme heat and dryness, the unexpected floods that can pop up any time of year (though as of Aug. 2011, I've forgotten what those are like), and extreme flunctuation of temperatures the rest of the year. So you'll probably still find gardening posts (I didn't call myself the Half-Baked Gardener for nuthin').

You'll also probably hear about some of the other things I'm really passionate about - art, writing, self-sustainability, spirituality, alternative health, cooking, cats (I know there is a glut of posts on the internet about cats, so I'll try not to overwhelm you too much) - as well as my general observations about everyday mundane schtuff. And an occasional meditative piece.

Why the name Half-Baked Gardener?

Cuz I just liked the name. Plus, that's kind of the way I just am - a work in process, a bun in the oven (no I did NOT say I have a bun in the oven, I just am one), not fully formed, you get the picture. And I do things in kind of a half-cocked manner, and not the way I'm "supposed" to do things. And I'm just a little wacky.

What's with the name Zippy the Poet - and who are you really?

I'm Zippy the Poet because that's my name and I'm stickin' to it. And yes, I am a poet. Someday you may be graced, or tortured, with some of my poetry, we'll see. I'm not telling you who I really am, because that's one of the beauties of the internet -- we can reveal as much or as little of ourselves as we like. I prefer to express myself and let you see who I am (my "essence", my soul) rather than tell you who I am exactly ie, my so-called "real" name and other specifically identifying parts. Believe me, you'll get a taste of who I am as you read this blog.

Why didn't you incorporate your posts from Zippy's Garden into this new blog?

Because it's a pain in the butt to import them here, and I was afraid Blogger might think I was stealing articles from someone else's blog, even though it's my blog. I'm doing damage control, essentially. You can always go to the link under "My Favorite Sites" to read Zippy's Garden, if you care to.

Why didn't you name this site ZippysGarden.com?

Because, even though Zippy is my nickname, the actual name "Zippy" is trademarked, and since I was going "commercial," so to speak, I was concerned with being accused of trademark/copyright infringing. Again, more paranoid damage control. And laziness, because I didn't want to research this any further. It was just safer to make the dot com name different. Finally, I like the name Half-Baked Gardener.

Do you curse on this blog?

I try to keep my cursing (on the blog anyway) down to just a couple words - hell and damn, mostly. Although probably my favorite curse word in my real, physical life is the famous F-word, I won't use it here (unless I get really, really pissed off *UPDATE as of 9/30/11: I'm pretty pissed off right now*). I might use the milder futz, frick, frickin' or fudge. I might, however, on occasion use the S-word (my other favorite curse word - it is also my mother's favorite and was my grandmother's favorite, so it's probably genetic). Most of the time though, I'll probably substitute the milder form of shoot (In my personal life I like to use shi-ite [pronounced shee-eyte], but I don't want to offend any religious groups, whether Shiite Muslims or Shiite Baptists, so I probably won't be using that either. Anyway, I'd like for this blog to be a place where your grammaw might feel comfortable and where you wouldn't get (too) upset if your kids stumbled on this site. In other words, I try to keep it (sort of) clean. That's not to say there won't be a few "adult" topics that I might expound upon, but there's nothing that the average person would consider graphic (I can't guarantee it won't be graphic according to various religious, political and otherwise ultra-prudish tastes).

Speaking of the religious and political, will you ever engage in these topics?

As my doppelganger likes to say, "You betcha!" Probably more so on the religious (and really more spiritual than religious) than on the political. If you're center or left of center, this probably shouldn't be much cause for alarm. And really, if you're right of center, there's probably not that much for alarm either. I'm an ex-Reagan Republican fundamentalist Christian who's now more about "spiritual-not-religious," and keeping the peace than I am about advancing any kind of agenda (I'm too lazy and too much of a procrastinator for that). I value most religious and political views (meaning I think people should believe what they want to believe, if it works for them and they're happy), though I get pretty pissed if you try to foist yer opinions on others and arrogantly demand "MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY," and start calling people who differ with you terrorists or socialists or even more unsavory terms, and though I'm pretty damn tolerant I WILL NOT TOLERATE slagging other folks. It's all about agreeing to disagree, people.

That being said, when I do go to these kinds of topics I will probably write more about spirituality (and sometimes religion) than I will politics, and I'll probably just stick to my own spiritual experiences than pontificate on religion as whole. Probably.

Wait, you look like Sarah Palin???? Do you share her political views?

Well, I was told that once. Maybe twice. It was after I let my hair go back to its natural shade of brown after being a redhead for several years and when I started wearing glasses most of the time. I think I was dressed more conservatively that day. Usually when I dress more conservatively people stare at me on the street, so I chalk it up to people thinking I look like Sarah Palin. That or I have snot hanging out of my nose. Or I'm just being paranoid.

Actually, I like to think that I'm funkier and goofier than Sarah Palin. I am also not a mother, or even a wife. Men probably don't think of me as a MILF. I also don't know how to shoot a gun, much less kill a bear, even though I'm a Texan. I don't dress like her (very often) nor do I jog. She's probably a little skinnier than I am. I've never run for any political office, though I was Vice President of my drama club in high school. We are the same age (she's about 4 months older than I am), the same face shape (square), sometimes we wear the same hair style, and we both wear glasses, although mine are different from hers. We both went to journalism school, both went to Assembly of God churches and we both probably voted for Reagan for his second term.

But no, we don't share the same political views any more. Didn't you read what I said above? I said I'm an EX-Reagan Republican fundamentalist Christian, and have been an EX all that for twenty years now. Which means currently I'm an Obama socialist unrepentant pagan. Well, not really - I just went a little overboard in differentiating myself from Sarah Palin. I did vote for Obama, but I'm neither socialist nor pagan. I am unrepentant, however.

What is your comments policy?

I appreciate comments, and I will probably post most of them, unless yer a spammer or robot or asshole (oops, I didn't say anything about using the A-word). As I said above, I will not tolerate slagging other people. I might tolerate you slagging me, but I haven't decided yet. Hopefully there won't be any slagging of anybody, but just in case a troll wonders in, ya gotta have a policy, right? Like my other favorite blogger, Laurie at the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee says, I would like to keep my blog a pretty feel-good happy place (though maybe not as sparkly happy as Laurie's blog), so try to keep your comments reasonably (if not furiously) happy. If in doubt, refer to the majority of comments posted to The Bloggess. She also edits her trolls, so I might do that if you are trolly - or I won't post it at all.

So, is my comments policy clear as mud? Good!

One last question - what's your sign?

Gemini, specifically on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer (born June 21). Which means I have a split personality that will probably come out on this blog and inflict you at some point. It's a great way to justify all the disparate stuff that goes through my addled brain and amuses me. But then, I am half-baked!