Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work in Progress

It's about time I started writing my first post on this blog, don't ya think? Even though I set this blog up a month ago, and finally got an About page up a couple of weeks ago, I've been really hesitant to start writing an actual blog post. Why, you may ask?

Well, that's a dang good question. Mostly I've been agonizing about what the focus of this blog needed to be. Zippy's Garden (my previous blog) was ostensibly about my experiment in self-sustainability, which I was anxious to go great guns with when I finally moved into a house with actual yardage so I could create a vegetable and fruit garden and do other stuff (get a solar oven, can, mill flour by hand, etc.). I got as far as the garden (which was not a small feat unto itself) and then RLS took over (ya know, Real Life Syndrome). And the hot, dry Texas weather has not been too kind towards the ol' gardening effort either.

Don't worry, I still have a garden, but I'm doing good to water it and give it a weekly foliar feed and occasionally pick off pests. But I have scaled back, and it's been more of a small supplement to the food I buy at the grocery store rather than a replacement for it, which was my original intention (and still a goal).

That's not to say that I no longer have self-sustainability goals, it's just that I'm rethinking how to go about it. I am also indulging in a decades-long interest in learning to draw and paint, and that has been consuming a lot of my free time lately. I've always by nature been a somewhat creative person, writing poems and stories since I was a kid, drawing (though I only got to a certain skill level and dropped off), making beaded jewelry, etc. In the past year I have developed a real craving to nourish my creative side, particularly with art, regardless of the skill level I get to as an artist. And yes, being Zippy The Poet, I still write poems - mostly poems on the fly that accompany sketches I make at lunch. In addition, for the last year and a half I have been embarking on a great relationship with a fabulous man, and that also kinda takes up a little bit of time ;-). So between all this and having to work for a living (aka RLS), the garden has not been the priority that it once was.

I've actually been thinking about doing this .com blog for quite a while, and it was originally intended to be a more commercialized site where I could blog about gardening and self sustainability and have advertising, maybe be an affiliate for other sites and sell my own informational ebooks. That may still happen, I don't know. But I've also been greatly inspired by The Bloggess with her absolutely insane humor. Zippy's Garden had a lot of humor, though nothing nearly of the caliber of The Bloggess, and I'd really like to get back to that and develop that further, so I may just let my freak flag fly and let 'er rip. I think of a bunch of goofy posts to write about all the time, and I'd really like to get back into that. So I think at least I'm gonna do that, and maybe it'll evolve back towards the gardening/self-sustainability thang, we'll see.

But I'm still not sure exactly how this blog will go. Humor, fer sure, but I also have this serious, meditative Zen/Taoist/vaguely Christian/mystical side and I can get off on some deep riffs with that. Then I have this wacky, kinda New Agey side that I don't talk about very much, but it's there in all its irrational glory, so that will probably come out too. And then I went to grad school for four years to become a counselor and wound up not doing that, so there's THAT aspect (long story I might bore you with later). So I'm kind of a multi-faceted gal, but ya know, I am a Gemini.

So, I haven't written a post up until now cuz I didn't know where to go with this blog, but I just felt like God was poking me and saying, "Just go ahead and start writing and see where it goes." And ya know, the beauty of a blog (unlike a book), is that you can go back and edit it, even delete posts. So if I suddenly get a direction for this blog, I can just start writing in this direction. I could also go ahead and delete previous posts, but since most people new to a blog probably don't dig down and read a blog from the first post anyway, it's probably not even that necessary.

If I write a bunch of posts, then decide to change the slant of this blog and you somehow do find yourself at this first post, well, then you'll know how confused I am/was. But hey, I am the Half-Baked Gardener after all, with all that name implies (as I said in my About page) - half-cocked, wacky, not done yet, a work in progress. That's it - this blog is currently a nice, half-baked work in progress, and that's just fine with me.

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